Dr. Chintan Vadi
Consultant Arthroscopic Surgeon
    • Treatment of complex fractures using both internal fixation and external fixation techniques.
    • Hand surgery and upper limb surgery , tender repairs, micro vascular surgery, surgery for brachial plexus injuries, bone injuries, reattachment of amputated parts.
    • Spine surgery and treatment of spinal tumors, spinal infections, and correction of  deformities is available, including treatment of spinal fractures.
    • Treatment for children’s orthopedic problems such as club foot, knock knees, bowing of knees, curvature of spine.
    • Joint replacement surgery for hip and knee disorders.
    • Arthroscopy surgery and reconstruction ligament injuries of the knees.
    • Treatment of arthritis- by Arthroscopy.
    • First In Saurashtra Dedicated Arthroscopy Unit.